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1.00.110 Board Charter
1.00.120 Administrative Committee Charter
1.00.130 Audit Committee Charter
1.00.140 Private Markets Committee Charter
1.00.150 Public Markets Committee Charter
1.00.160 Charter of the Board Chair
1.00.170 Board Vice Chair Charter
1.00.180 Executive Director Charter
1.00.190 Internal Audit Charter
1.05.100 Delegation of Authority
1.10.100 Role of Consultants
1.10.200 Role of Investment Managers
2.00 Board Governance Policies
2.00.101 Conflict of Interest - Recusal
2.00.102 Gifts
2.00.103 Confidentiality and Use of Position
2.00.104 Personal Investments
2.00.105 Travel Reimbursements by Investment Partners and Others
2.00.106 Sanctions for Violations
2.00.150 Code of Conduct
2.00.175 Communications
2.00.200 Board Education
2.00.210 Board Operations
2.00.220 Executive Director Performance Evaluation
2.00.230 Service Provider
2.00.240 Board Monitoring and Reporting
2.00.250 Public Records
2.00.260 Board Member Travel and Expense Reimbursement
2.00.900 Advisory Boards
2.01 Board Human Resources Policies
2.01.000 Human Resources
2.01.050 Cost-of-Living Increases
2.01.100 Investment Officer Compensation Levels
2.01.110 Executive Director Compensation
2.01.150 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
2.05 General Investment Policies
2.05.200 Global Proxy Voting Policy
2.05.500 Commercial Paper and Corporate Notes Investment Policy For the State Treasurer, Local Governments, and Higher Education Institutions
2.05.600 Economically Targeted Investments
2.05.800 Investment Referral Process
2.10 Defined Benefit - Retirement Fund Investment Policies
2.10.010 Commingled Trust Fund
2.10.050 Retirement CTF Asset Allocation
2.10.100 Public Markets Equity - Retirement Funds
2.10.200 Fixed Income Retirement Funds
2.10.600 Real Estate Investment Program
2.10.700 Private Equity Investment Program
2.10.800 Innovation Portfolio
2.10.900 Tangible Assets Investment Policy
2.11 Defined Contribution - Retirement Fund Investment Policies
2.11.100 Defined Contribution Plan 3 Retirement Funds
2.13 Deferred Compensation Investment Policies
2.13.100 Deferred Compensation Program and Judicial Retirement Account
2.13.200 Savings Pool
2.14 Daily-Valued Investment Policies
2.14.200 Bond Market Fund
2.14.300 Daily Valued Funds Operations
2.14.400 U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund
2.20 Industrial Insurance Investment Policies
2.20.100 Labor and Industries' Insurance Funds
2.25 Permanent Funds Investment Policies
2.25.100 Permanent Funds
2.35 Other Trust Funds Investment Policies
2.35.100 Advanced College Tuition Payment Program
2.35.400 Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust Fund
2.35.500 Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Relating to Washington State Investment Board:
RCW 42.30 Open Public Meetings Act
RCW 42.32 Meetings
RCW 42.52 Ethics in Public Service
RCW 43.33A State Investment Board
RCW 43.84 Investments and Interfund Loans
WAC 287 Investment Board
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