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About WSIB

The WSIB was created in 1981 under Chapter 43.33A of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). The WSIB employs a staff of approximately 105 in three organizational teams - Investments, Operations, and Institutional Relations. The WSIB’s Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board to oversee the staff, develop and recommend agency and investment policies for Board adoption, and ensure adherence to state policies and laws.

The WSIB is organized much like most investment management organizations, with a board and executive committee providing enterprise leadership. Distinct teams provide investment management, research and asset allocation, financial accounting and administration, legal services and risk oversight.

The Investment team is comprised of investment professionals who manage WSIB’s major asset classes, including public equity, private equity, real estate, tangible assets, and fixed income.

The Operations team provides comprehensive support of the investment and administrative functions, including legal services, investment accounting, trade settlement, cash management, and close monitoring of investment transactions and operational compliance.

The Institutional Relations team manages external stakeholder relations, corporate governance, public affairs, media inquiries, and communications such as regular performance reports, annual reports and web site content.